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Your Oregon Winery Map
to Southern Oregon and beyond...

When you stay at the Winchester Inn in Southern Oregon, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to explore the region's renowned wineries. To make your wine tasting adventure even more enjoyable, we provide you with a detailed Oregon winery map of the wineries in the area. Here's how you can enhance your stay at our hotel by joining us at the Winchester Inn:

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While staying at the Winchester Inn feel free to check with our concierge desk or our Sommelier upon your arrival for personalized recommendations. Let us know that you're interested in exploring the wineries of Southern Oregon, or use the detailed Oregon winery map provided on this page.

We can provide you with a map of the area, designed specifically for our guests staying in Ashland and the Rogue Valley. We're happy to highlight the nearby wineries, their locations, and can recommended routes for the easiest visit.  We have a certified Sommelier on staff as well as knowledge wait staff than can recommend places to visit when you join us at Alchemy Restaurant or Chateaubriand 36.

Once you're ready to begin your wine tour, head out with your map and recommendations in hand. Consider renting a car or utilizing transportation services, if needed, to ensure a safe and convenient journey.  As you follow the map, enjoy the picturesque drive through Southern Oregon's beautiful landscapes, including rolling vineyards and charming countryside of Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville.

Each winery will offer a unique experience.  The Rogue Valley prides itself on its hospitality and it is not uncommon to be doing the tastings with the wine-maker or owner.  Don't hesitate to ask questions, often you'll find yourself on an impromptu tour of the facilities.  Nothing beats a little behind the scenes tour.

After your wine tour, you can return to the Winchester Inn, relax, and reminisce about your delightful experiences exploring Southern Oregon's wineries and enjoy one of the hundred's of local Oregon wines we offer on our award winning wine list.

Remember, always drink responsibly and designate a driver if needed. The Winchester Inn's concierge can also provide additional resources, such as guided wine tours or recommendations for hired cars. With map in hand, your wine tour of Southern Oregon's wineries from the Winchester Inn will undoubtedly be a memorable and enriching experience. Cheers to a delightful stay and excellent wines!

We do our best to carry as many Oregon wines as possible, with more than 50% of our 650 label wine list at Alchemy dedicated to Oregon, but we can't carry them all. Here are a few links to a few of our Southern Oregon Winery favorites in no particular order:

Weisinger Family Winery

Irvine & Roberts

Goldback Wines

Awen Winecraft

Dancin Vineyards

Kriselle Cellars
For interactive Oregon Wine maps we suggest you visit:

Rogue Valley Wine Country

Oregon Wine Board


This is a map of the Rogue and Applegate valleys as described by the American Viticultural Association.

Credit: OregonWine.Org